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Who's Who *may contain spoilers*

Are you having trouble keeping track of everyone? I know I will, and this is as much for me as it is for you. If a name is given for them, they should be here. If you spot someone I am missing, let me know.
There are character descriptions here that contain spoilers, just a warning.

Adam Raven
A member of the Mallville clean-up squad. He was a radio control vehicle enthusiast before the outbreak.

Alexandre Rontreal
A high ranking member of Mallville Security. Shot and killed after fatally wounding Alex Sigler. Dead.

Alex Sigler
In charge of the Mallville scavengers. Has a reputation for being crazy. Dislikes and Distrusts Hashmir Kaur. Fatally wounded while trying to escape Mallville after an execution order was issued. Dead

A rifle and chainsaw-toting loner who has claimed a portion of Covenant for himself. He is not threat unless he considers someone a threat to him. Formerly an employee at Tyranno Mart, he has given up his old identity after having to personally kill his undead mother and sisters and taken the name of a character from a favourite movie.

Ben Kasai
Manager of Big Box Books.

Benny Montoya
Head of Mallville Sanitation, including the clean-up squad. Executed by the order of Hashmir Kaur. Dead.

Beth O'Hara
Former member of Mallville Security. Did not agree with Hashmir Kaur's methods, and allied herself with Alex Sigler. Survived the fall of Mallville by trying to help Alex and his friends escape.

Biff Brown
A member of the Mallville clean-up squad. He has good reflexes, but bad aim.

Bishop Rogers
Son of Toni and Bryan. A young geek in training who was in Covenant celebrating his mother's new job. Having finally acquired new books to read and video games to play, he is relatively content given the circumstances. Currently living in a tent in the storefront of Insert Coin.

Bob Valentine
Supervisor of the electronics section at Tyranno Mart before becoming a zombie. Dead.

Boris Telekhov
Manager of the Hotel Majestic. Whereabouts unknown.

Bryan Rogers
Husband of Toni, father of Bishop. Was in Covenant with his wife celebrating her new job when the dead rose, and they were unable to get back home. Sought refuge in Mallville after being forced out of their hotel.

Budrick Nelson
Manager, and resident, of Insert Coin. His family was away when the dead returned, and their fate is unknown. Hung himself in the backroom of his store. Dead

Chrissie Nelson
Mother of two, wife of Budrick Nelson. Was out of town when the infection spread, and is presumed dead.

Chris Trevor
Husband of Molly Trevor. He was a contractor in his former life who sought refuge in Mallville as the world fell apart around him. Currently living in the storefront of Insert Coin.

Claudia Lapari
A Mallville Security officer. Was killed by a radio controlled U-Move truck while guarding the clean-up squad. Dead

Darius Tariq
A member of the Mallville clean-up squad. Killed by zombies hidden in the back of a radio controlled U-Move truck. Dead.

Daryl MacGuire
A Mallville Scavenger. Killed by the Hell's Postmen motorcycle gang. Dead

Dennis Henry
Mallville's president, and head of the Mallville Council. Supposedly died during the Halloween attack. Dead.

Gerry McElroy
A member of the Mallville clean-up squad with a funny voice. He has great lockpicking skills, but the origins of this expertise is unknown. He seems to be the only member of the group not becoming fed up with Maria's behaviour.

Grant Carr
A Mallville scavenger

Hans Gruber
An older gentleman who lives across the hall from Tara Lafferty. Quiet, but seemingly friendly.

Harris Patel
A Mallville Scavenger. Killed by the Hell's Postmen motorcycle gang. Dead

Hashmir Kaur
Head of Mallville security, a position that is steadily becoming more powerful. A very no-nonsense person, to put it nicely. He has recruited a larger security force from the survivors living in the mall. He was specifically named by the Hell's Postmen motorcycle gang during the Halloween attack. Shot with his own gun by Jimmy Chen. Dead.

Heidi Sokolenko
Wife of Merritt. Was infected during the Halloween day attack, and kept in her bedroom by her husband, who fed her other Mallville survivors until both were killed. Dead.

Holly Tanaka
Personal assistant to Hashmir Kaur. Before the world changed she could often be seen following Hashmir around with a clipboard.

Jimmy Chen
A Mallville scavenger, and survivor of the attack by the Hell's Postmen biker gang. Never fully recovered from his injuries, mental or physical. Set off a fuel bomb in an attempt to destroy Mallville. Dead.

Josh Sterling
A Mallville scavenger. Killed by the Hell's Postmen motorcycle gang. Dead

Karen Hummingbird
A Mallville Scavenger. Killed by the Hell's Postmen motorcycle gang. Dead

Lisa Malloy
Ex-wife of Mitchell Malloy. She was one of the zombie horde that attacked Mallville on Halloween. Mitchell sacrificed himself to end her un-life. Dead.

Lu Vang
A Mallville scavenger. Killed on a run by the Hell's Postmen biker gang. Dead

Malik Fensler
A Mallville scavenger. Killed on a run by the Hell's Postmen biker gang. Dead

Marcus Dyson
A doctor in the Mallville medical center

Maria Perez
A member of the Mallville clean-up squad. She dislikes new people until they do something to earn her respect. Her personality has taken a darker turn since the escape from Mallville, and is now becoming confrontational towards the people who had considered her a friend.

Martin Williams
A Mallville roof guard

Merritt Sokolenko
Husband of Heidi. Unable to let his wife go, he kept her zombified body in his apartment for months until he was accidentally discovered trying to feed Tara Lafferty to her. Dead.

Mike Clowes
In charge of the Mallville roof guards.

Mikhael Beratz
A Mallville Scavenger. killed by the Hell's Postmen motorcycle gang. Dead.

Milton Saxon
A member of the Mallville clean-up squad. He is most proud of his gold teeth and his genuine "Rolax" watch. Killed by Mallville security while trying to escape. Dead.

Mitchell Malloy
Ex-husband of Lisa Malloy. A Mallville scavenger, and one of only three two return from the scavenging run that was attacked by the Hell's Postmen biker gang. Sacrificed himself to kill the zombified corpse of his ex-wife. Dead.

Molly Trevor
Wife of Chris Trevor. Formerly a web designer, now lives in the storefront of Insert Coin.

Olivia Munchausen
A Mallville Scavenger. Killed by the Hell's Postmen motorcycle gang. Dead

Phillipa "Pippa" Webster
A sixteen year old survivor from the San Francisco bay area peninsula. After losing her friends in an attempt to cross San Francisco, she spent two months on her own before finally finding a group to join up with.

Rachael Calderon
A Mallville Scavenger

Redd Waxman
A Mallville Scavenger. Killed by the Hell's Postmen motorcycle gang. Dead

Rosa Trinity
Head of Mallville's maintenance department. Executed by order of Hashmir Kaur. Dead.

Rupert Perry
A member of Mallville Security, and friend of Beth O'Hara. Shot by other security officers during the fall of Mallville. Dead.

Sara Seder
A Mallville scavenger who was shot by the Hell's Postmen while on a run. Suspiciously died from complications resulting from the gunshot. Dead.

Scott Jenkins
Creator of the webcomic "Aloha, London!". Was still updating his webpage for awhile after the end started, but has since stopped. Whereabouts unknown.

Sharon Sparks
Cute geek girl, gamer, employee at Insert Coin. When the zombies came she eagerly signed up to scavenge outside Mallville for supplies for the growing population of survivors. After being forced to leave the fatally wounded Alex Sigler to die she became withdrawn and mentally unstable, but seems to have largely recovered.

Stan Garret
Manager of Supersize Male

A Mallville security officer. Killed during the Halloween attack. Dead

Tara Lafferty
Alex Sigler's assistant. She is known for becoming less emotional the angrier she gets, but she can actually be quite pleasant when you get to know her. She is a huge Star Wars geek and a gamer, and before now has never been in a real relationship. She has a deep crush on Alex, but may be starting to move beyond that having finally found someone to love. She chose to stay with the fatally wounded Alex Sigler rather than escape with the others. Did not catch up before Jimmy Chen's fuel bomb detonated. Dead.

Teebow (T-Bo)
A Mallville security officer. Killed during the Halloween attack. Dead

Teresita Gomez
Also known as Parasite. The manager of African Swallow Clothiers. Rumour has it she has been having an affair with Hashmir Kaur, who has given her Sharon Sparks' old apartment. Died defending her store from anti-Kaur forces. Dead.

Teri Dean
Assistant manager at Taco Hut

A survivor who had been living in a Rex's Club warehouse store with Tyrone and an unknown third person. Fate unknown.

Terry Kietzmann
A Mallville Scavenger

Tom Wingates
Assistant manager at Tyranno Mart. Dead.

Toni Rogers
Wife of Bryan, mother of Bishop. A weathergirl from Lovelock, Oregon. Was in Covenant for an interview. The good news is that she got the job, the bad news is that the world ended. Currently living in the storefront of Insert Coin.

A survivor who had been living in a Rex's Club warehouse store T'Nesha and an unknown third person. He was bitten by one of the undead and infected. Presumed undead.

Wallace "Wally" Miller
A Mallville Scavenger. The driver of the only car from the run attacked by the Hell's Postment biker gang.

First Entry: Life Changes

June 16.

Okay, it feels like I should start out with Dear Diary or something here. Let me start again.

“Mallville, small town living for the 21st century!” was the tagline when they announced construction of this place a few years ago. I was in high school then, but the idea really appealed to me.

The idea behind Mallville was to create that “Leave it to Beaver” small-town everybody-knows-everybody kind of community in one large building. There were to be the usual shops, but also offices, a small hospital, an internal police force, apartments, schools, and even a large town park at the center of it all.

The actual structure looks sort of like the Pentagon, only a lot bigger (well to me anyway, I've never been to the Pentagon). The bottom two levels contain enough shops to rival the Mall of America (no rollercoaster though), and the four levels above that are mostly non-retail businesses, and the residential areas. There are two sublevels as well, but that is mostly resident and employee parking as well as maintenance areas. The building itself is ringed by a huge parking lot for customers and guests.

At the center of the building there is a large open park with a stocked fishing pond, a baseball diamond, an old fashioned bandstand, a playground, a biking track along the outer edge, a community pool, and lots of grass. It is quite beautiful once you get over the fact that it is surrounded on all sides by six stories of tan stone.

I wonder now if the designers intended the place to be fortress-like. I think so, since every large entrance has a sturdy metal gate that can be rolled down, the external doors are all thick metal, and the whole place is powered by geothermal energy and solar power (it’s all green, don’cha know).

Am I gushing? Probably. I loved the idea, and when construction was complete, and they started renting apartments I signed up. I was out of high school by then, and lets face it, I’m not going to college. I got a job at “Insert Coin”, a game store on the second level. That’s where I work with Sharon.

Sharon’s not my girlfriend, not really anyway. I’d like her to be, but she thinks of me as a friend… she treats me that way anyway. She’s a geek hottie, red pigtails, glasses, and she can kick my ass at Halo.

Sharon’s gone now…. Everything’s gone now. Well, not gone, but different.

A couple of months ago everything started to go sideways. There were news reports of violence at the local morgue, not the one in the mall, but in the surrounding city. Weird crap, people biting other people, and it started coming in from more and more cities. The local media was completely lost in trying to cover it, it wasn’t a high school football game after all.

That’s not to say cable news did any better. Wolf News tried to say they were just irresponsible rumors being spread by terrorists. WNN played the president saying that the situation was being investigated, and that people should not panic. The broadcast networks played their normal programming… until things got bad.

It turned out that the dead were rising for real, no jokes, and certainly not under anything one could call control. It wasn’t like the movies where they were literally rising from the grave though, it was only the freshly dead that were rising, and even then not all of them. The problems were in mostly the big cities where more people die from accidents and such.

Once the government finally admitted what was happening, although they could not explain why, they suggested people stay inside. That’s when Mallville became a fortress and a shelter. All the gates were rolled down, but people were allowed to seek refuge in the mall. A lot of people in the surrounding area became Mallville refugees, and the central park and much of the shopping area became filled with tents, sleeping bags, cots, etc. Mallville actually has a disaster plan, and had a store of these sorts of supplies on the premises.

Eventually scientists determined that the reason not all the newly dead were coming back was because some had been embalmed, it seems the chemicals involved in embalming retarded the process. They also said that autopsied corpses were not reanimating, and that this was due to the extensive damage caused to internal organs during an autopsy.

The scientists explained easy ways to tell the undead from the living:

The undead do not speak. They may make guttural moaning sounds, but not speech.

They do not have full control of their bodies. They shamble more than walk.

Not that you should let one get that close to you, but their eyes fog over, as if covered by cataracts. They seem to be able to see just fine, but their eyes are all cloudy.

In order to put down one of the creatures you merely had to destroy enough of the body to stop it from working. The things did not bleed to death, but if you bashed in their skull, they went right down. Beheading them works well too

Given how fragile these things are, it did not make sense that the undead population was growing, but the scientists had a theory about this too. . The virus or bacteria causing unlife, they were not sure which it was, could be spread by bodily fluids. If you got infected body fluids into a cut, or you were bit by one of the undead then you would eventually become one.

The problem is supposed to be really bad in the big cities, between the streets jammed with panicking people trying to evacuate, to idiots with guns shooting anything that moves, and in the long run creating more zombies than they were stopping, and the just generally confined spaces of the urban area the Zed Virus (this is what the media took to calling it in the last days) spread like wildfire.

In almost no time the broadcast networks were off the air, as well as most of the cable networks. Only the local stations remained. The internet was the same. For me, I knew things had gotten really bad when both Google and Wikipedia went down and did not come back.

I don’t know why I am writing all this down. If you are reading this, then surely you already know it all, so let me get back to me.

Obviously my life changed once the gates of Mallville rolled down. There was not much need for people to sell video games anymore, so in order to earn my keep (and keep my apartment) I had to find a new role.

I opted to be a roof guard. It’s not the most glamorous of roles, but it is important, and it’s probably the safest defense roles. I patrol a section of the roof. Each side of the building is divided into three sections, each section patrolled constantly by one person with a hunting rifle. Our job is to make the undead re-dead. There is usually only one or two a day per section.

As it turns out, I am quite good with a rifle (maybe Jack Thompson has a point about video games as training tools after all). Luckily there was a “Sportsman’s Depot” in the mall, and they had enough guns and ammo to keep us going for a while.

Now one or two undead a day may not seem like a a lot, but if we did not pick them off as soon as we realized that they were starting to trickle towards Mallville, we would be inundated by now, making scavenging runs an impossibility, or at least more risky just going out or coming back, and I have a reason to want the scavengers to be safe.

I tried to get Sharon to sign up for roof duty with me. I pointed out to her that it was safe and a little fun, all things considered. She said that it was too chickenshit of a role for her. She wanted to get out there, and do some real good for the mall on the streets; she joined the scavengers.

Ultimately, this is why I am writing all this. You see, she went out three days ago in a small three vehicle convoy (all SUVs from the garage levels), and they should have been back that night, but they weren’t. We’ve not heard from them, but they may just be out of radio range, and we stopped being able to get cell signals last month (no one left to maintain the network, I guess).

Sharon was really my only close friends; the only person in Mallville that I could really talk to, and with Livejournal gone, I have no one to talk to, so I am writing it all down. I’m worried about Sharon, and I hope she’s still out there… and I hope she comes back soon. I miss her.

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Welcome to Mallville, the small town of the future all in one building.

"Mallville - A Journal of the Zombie Apocalypse" is a novel about the coming zombie apocalypse told through the journal of one survivor. Every other Tuesday I am posting a new entry from his journal for you to read.

This is the first draft of the novel; you are reading it pretty much as I write it, so if you have any quesitons, suggestions, or constructive comments, please feel free to post them. If you have personal insults towards me or anyone else who may decide to comment, feel free to get bent.

Remember that Mallville is being posted under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial 3.0 license. this means you can make all the copies you want, just don't sell them. If someone is going to make money off of this, it should be me.

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