Friday, August 22, 2008

Playing for Keeps

No, I'm not posting a new entry early, this is a totally off-topic post (sorry to dissapoint both of you). The reason for this post for anyone who happens to stumble upon it is to talk about another story.

Mur Lafferty is quite possibly the hardest working woman in podcasting, she is/has been connected to virtually every podcast I listen to on a regular basis, but not only is she a podcaster, she's an author. Last year she released the podcast novel "Playing For Keeps", a superhero tale about a woman who just wants to run her bar in peace. The novel was, and is, available in a serial podcast format as well as having been released in PDF format, and now it is being released as a trade paperback.

Now I know what you are wondering, "what's in it for VOID?", well immediate, but the possible rewards are long term. I do not know Ms. Lafferty, and she certainly has no clue who I am, but the reason I care is because she is doing something that I hope to do somewhere down the road (no, not work hard), she's making a run at the charts when her book comes out on Monday, August 25. The more authors that succeed at taking non-traditional avenues toward publishing, the easier and more likely it is that someone like me can do it in the future.

I listened to PFK back when it came out, and have been listening to all the tie-in stories that have been coming out as the release draw near, and it's a really good story. If you have not checked out "Playing For Keeps" yet, I suggest you do so this weekend, and then on Monday order yourself a copy at if you liked it.

While you are at it, you should check out some of the other free audio novels out there on the net. JC Hutchins' "7th Son" trilogy, Scott Sigler's "Nocturnal", and Chris Lester's "Making The Cut" are all great stories, and they are all free.

I would like to join the ranks of these podcasting gods someday, but the only way my shiftless self will stay motivated to do it is if I see people like them succeed, so do me a favour, and order your copy of "Playing For Keeps" on Monday, August 25th, thanks.

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