Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Mallville Collected Volume 1

Just in time for WINTER I finally bring you the long-promised "Mallville Collected Volume 1".

"What do I get in this 'Mallville Collected Volume 1'?" you ask. Well you get:

The first thirty entries of "Mallville - A Journal of the Zombie Apocalypse".
The short story "Eric the Read Skips to the End".
The even shorter story "Mallville" originally heard on "Air Out My Shorts".
Answers to questions asked by two readers just like you.
Deleted/Unused/Alternate scenes.
All presented in one lovely PDF.

How much would I ask you to pay for so much content? Not $100. Not $50. Not $5.99. Not even the price of an order of fries from McDonalds (although if you're going....). You can download "Mallville Collected Volume 1" for free right now!

"Mallville Collected Volume 1" is the perfect solution for that last minute WINTER gift for the person who has everything, and lets face it, you can't beat the price. Download your copy while supplies last!

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