Friday, December 17, 2010

"Dax Plays Faire"

I know it has been a long time since I have added anything to this blog, and if you were hoping for some new Mallville news, I am afraid that this will disappoint you, as it is completely off topic. So what could possibly be so important that I would taunt you like this?

My short story, "Dax Plays Faire" has been recorded for broadcast by the fine people at "The Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine" as part of their "Broken Mirror Story Event", and it sounds fantastic. If you are unfamiliar with Dunesteef (and shame on you), they do not just read the stories, but do them as full audio dramas complete with sound effects and music, which is awesome.

So if you want to hear proof that I do in fact write things that do not involve zombies, then please go listen to "Dax Plays Faire".

As far as Mallville goes, I have taken a break from working on the re-write, but I am not abandoning it. I am currently working on a long piece called "Instant Noodles", I've also been working on other short stories, and a NaNoWriMo story. Once the first draft of "Instant Noodles" is complete (and it's about halfway now) I do plan to get back to work on Mallville (although I do have ideas for other short stories, including another couple potential Dax stories) and its re-write.

One last thing, to anyone who has found there way here from The Dunesteef's site: hello! If you are interested in reading Mallville, just click on the link to the first entry off to the right, and you'll be taken there (and away from the last chapter which appears right below this post). I hope you decide to check it out, and if you do, I hope you enjoy it.

Thanks for reading,

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Jay Dee said...

I listened to your story on Dunesteef, and I enjoyed it and they mentioned Mallville. So, I started reading it, and I think it's great. Thanks for putting it out there.